1) Motion is Lotion: My favorite but not a Dr. Jesse original. Outside of the obvious cardiovascular and mood-elevating benefits of exercise, the only way your joint cartilage and spinal disks stay healthy is by moving. Think arthritis and disc degeneration prevention....

3 things I always discuss with patients who complain of headaches, assuming their headache is arising from the neck (cervicogenic).

Regardless of how long you've been having headaches, there is great research supporting simple/silly exercises to significantly reduce fre...

True story. I recently saw some research which stated girls volleyball had higher amounts of strains/sprains in shoulders than boys football, wrestling, basketball, and baseball as well as girls basketball and softball. It also stated that negative effects of shoulder...

Let’s address what I eluded to in my introductory blog: the PT identity crisis.

Spoiler alert!! Conclusion: If you catch and treat movement issues early, it stops arthritis, and thus negates the need for surgery. The ultimate purpose of physical therapy is to save you f...

Good morning!

My name is Dr. Jesse Roles, Physical Therapist.

As I sit here on this beautiful June day in Denver, Colorado, I'm excited to begin blogging about my profession and hopefully offer insight into the world of PT, how it can so greatly benefit you, the reader,...

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June 16, 2016

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