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Insurance FAQ:

Colorado Performance PT is a direct-pay clinic and does not submit claims

on your behalf. You will be offered a charge summary for which may be sent

to your provider and applied to your plan.

Can I bill my insurance for reimbursement of my out-of-pocket expenses?

YES, but it depends on your specific plan. If you are unsure about your plan, a call to your insurance provider can clear up any questions about reimbursement for “out-of-network physical therapy.” The amount of reimbursement is completely dependent on your insurance plan.

This is especially good for those who do not plan to meet their deducible, because even if you go to an in-network clinic, you will pay the full price until you've met your deducible. In that case, I've seen individual sessions cost up to $300 depending on the clinic.

Do I need a doctor referral?
Not in Colorado! We have direct access - you can come directly to see a PT without a prescription. 


Why should I pay for physical therapy?

Quality of care. My personal standards for quality of care and patient education are very high. If I were receiving therapy, this is exactly how I would want it: my therapist focused only on me, with enough time to test, treat, and re-test to ensure progress as well as discuss the direction of my therapy plan.

You'll find at in-network clinics your time with your PT is much shorter, you go more often, or spend half your clinic time doing exercises that could do be done on your own. 

When you consider the time savings of fewer trips to the clinic, the value of resolving your pain faster than at another clinic where you get less care, and the joy and freedom of returning to activities you love, the up-front expense becomes less.



  • 90 minute initial evaluation: $150

  • 60 minute follow-up treatments: $130

  • 20 minute assessment: FREE.

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