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Good morning!

My name is Dr. Jesse Roles, Physical Therapist.

As I sit here on this beautiful June day in Denver, Colorado, I'm excited to begin blogging about my profession and hopefully offer insight into the world of PT, how it can so greatly benefit you, the reader, and allow you to recover from pain and return to doing all the things you want and should be able to do.

As I write on my website, I'm extremely passionate about my profession. Unfortunately, physical therapy suffers from what I've learned is a significant identity crisis. By and large, I feel there is a general lack of understanding or misconception about what PTs do. I hope to bridge the gap!

In this blog you'll find research, tips on exercise, explanations of how our amazing bodies work, and discussion on common questions and "injuries" I see.

I hope this blog is helpful to you. Let's feel better, move better, and DO MORE!

All the best!

#Denver #PhysicalTherapy #PT

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