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From S.W.

"What you do is above and beyond."

From C.H.

"I can't say enough wonderful things about working with Dr Jesse over the past few months."

From Leslie Cikra, Professional Volleyball Player:

"As a pro volleyball player with three years of limited mobility and constant shoulder pain and about 5 weeks til I left for my next gig overseas, I am so grateful to have been introduced to him.  I saw increased mobility and decreased pain after our first session working together.  I had gone through several chiropractors and physical therapists and seen no results and I now have more mobility back in my shoulder than I ever thought I would.  He is professional, excellent at understanding and pinpointing the source of pain and provides lots of at home exercises for between sessions.  I will recommend him to anyone looking for a PT guy! Thanks Jesse!”

From D.O.

"One of my favorite things about Dr. Roles’ treatment style was that I felt he treated me as a complete person and he took the time to learn about my life, which helped him have a realistic perspective to his treatment recommendations. I would highly recommend him to any athlete or weekend warrior and would not hesitate to return to him for any future treatment needs."

From S.B.

"I was experiencing trouble with my mid-back and wasn't sure why, I saw Dr. Jesse Roles and he immediately helped identify the problem and fix it. He was kind, comforting, and made sure I knew what was happening while he was fixing the issue. I would highly recommend to athletes and anyone experiencing pain or discomfort."

From A.D.

"If you deal with any pain and need help I really recommend Dr. Roles. He is extremely talented and knowledgeable of his work!"

From J.P.

"I went to see Dr. Jesse for shoulder pain I've been having for the last 5 months. I've been playing volleyball for over 25 years, and it felt like my shoulder was finally giving out. I tried everything from massage, stretching and all kinds of strengthening exercises, but nothing worked. After 1 session of dry needling with Jesse, my shoulder is feeling way better. I got some strength back and my range of motion is even in both arms. Jesse was friendly, warm and professional. I will be recommending him to all my friends and family."

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